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Cookies and web beacons

When necessary, Trading & Coins uses cookies to specify information about visitor preferences and history to better serve visitors and / or present personalized content to the visitor.

Advertising and other contributors may use cookies, scripts and web beacons to track visitors on a website in order to display advertising and other useful information. Such monitoring is carried out directly by third parties through their own servers and is subject to their own privacy policies.

Control of your privacy

Keep in mind that you can change your browser settings to disable cookies if you are concerned about your privacy. It is not recommended to disable cookies for all sites that may interfere with the operation of some sites. The best option is to enable or disable site-to-site cookies. Consult your browser documentation for instructions on how to block cookies and other tracking mechanisms. This list of web browser privacy management links can also be useful.

Special Note on Google Advertising

Any advertising served by Google, Inc., and affiliated companies can be controlled using cookies. These cookies allow Google to display specific ads on your visits to this and other sites that use Google advertising services. Learn how not to use Google cookies. As mentioned above, any tracking made by Google through cookies and other mechanisms is subject to Google’s privacy policies.

Contact information

Any questions or concerns about this privacy policy can be directed to and will be clarified.